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As an Istanbul Compensation  Lawyer; we provide you with legal assistance in compensation for the damage suffered due to the tort. People who have suffered material and moral damages  can  eliminate their grievances in a short time by taking  the support of the Compensation Law Lawyer in the follow-up and collection of the cases requiring compensation they will earn based on these damages. The Indemnity Attorney may undertake the representation of both the party seeking damages and the party for whom the claim for damages has been filed. In this way, the calculation of the amount of compensation you will earn can be done correctly or the proof that there is no fault of the party accused of paying compensation can be provided by an experienced compensation lawyer. In particular, people who encounter the event subject to compensation should definitely work with an experienced Istanbul Compensation Case Lawyer when fighting a legal battle  . In this way, "precautionary measures" can be placed on the vehicles or real estate of real or legal persons who are obliged to pay compensation before the lawsuit is filed and financial losses are prevented.




It is called compensation that the cost of material and non-pecuniary damage caused by the unlawful act of the injured person is covered by the damage giver as money or property.




Financial compensation is aimed at remedying the deficiency in the victim's assets due to the unlawful act. Compensation paid due to situations such as loss of assets, deviation from the targeted increase, deprived profit, bodily damages (such as loss of labor force and disability), damage to property and death (therefore deprivation of support) due to unlawful act is called financial compensation.




Non-pecuniary compensation aims to compensate the psychological damage suffered by the victim due to the unlawful act, albeit to some extent. The compensation determined as the compensation of the pain, grief, deterioration of the integrity of the soul or the breaking of the pride due to an unlawful act against himself or his relatives is called non-pecuniary compensation. When calculating non-pecuniary damage, the judge takes into account variables such as the economic situation of the victim and the victim, his age, and the severity of the effects of the incident.




  • Although the calculation of financial compensation is made with more concrete data, the material damage directly suffered is determined according to the criteria of the defect rate of the parties and the disability rate if disability has occurred. In this context, the material damage suffered due to the unlawful act is ruled on the part of the case that can be proved concretely.


  • The calculation of non-pecuniary damages is left to the discretion of the judge in the light of more abstract data. Abstract data such as the social status of the parties, the degree of victimization, the characteristics of the concrete event, the economic situation of the parties, the age and education status, the defect rates, the magnitude of the non-pecuniary damage and the purchasing power of the money on the date of the incident are taken as basis.


In cases of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, people  who are experts in the subject should be selected as an experienced Istanbul Compensation Lawyer can change the course of the case.




To consider the cases in which material and non-pecuniary damage is suffered, which involve tort and for which compensation can be requested;


  • Lawsuits arising from traffic accidents,
  • Lawsuits seeking retaliatory damages arising from unjust occupation,
  • Lawsuits due to malpractice,
  • Lawsuits arising from work accidents,
  • Cases arising from the contract,
  • Lawsuits arising from torts such as defamation and slander,
  • They are cases arising from the defective spouse in divorce.


Apart from these, it is possible to increase the variety of cases and to demand compensation according to the content of the concrete event experienced. Proof of righteousness in lawsuits to be filed due to material and non-pecuniary damage, proving that the act committed is a crime, calculating the compensation subject to damage, collecting the compensation and in order not to suffer loss of rightsIt is a great benefit to get legal support from Istanbul Compensation Lawyer. Because it is known that people who do not have legal knowledge in practice and insurance companies leave citizens in a difficult situation and people are victimized with insufficient and incorrect information. In the process carried out with the insurance companyistanbul insurance lawyerWe recommend that you manage the process with. For this reason, the legal process of the victimization experienced as a result of the unfair act will be able to carry outIstanbul Compensation LawyerIt will benefit you to solve it through.


  1. Case for Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Compensation Arising from Traffic Accidents


In the case of a traffic accident involving at least one motor vehicle, a compensation case may be filed for bodily damages such as death or injury caused due to the emergence of a tort liability and damage to movable/immovable property.


  1. Ecri Retaliatory Claims Arising from Unjust Occupation


A compensation case can be filed for the termination of the occupation due to the unjustified occupation of the property owned by the person and for the compensation of the material damage caused by the occupation.


  1. Malpractice Caused Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Compensation Case


As a result of the wrong treatment or negligence, financial and non-pecuniary compensation may be requested due to the malpractice lawsuit filed against the physician who applies the treatment and the health institution that employs the physician and the damage to the bodily harm, incapacity to work or damage to the bodily integrity after the wrong treatment.


  1. Case for Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Compensation Due to Work Accidents


Article 13 of the Social Insurance Law No. 5510 In cases deemed to be work accidents in accordance with the article, the employee may have been injured or killed due to the work accident. In this case, the employee who has suffered a work accident and his / her relatives can file a lawsuit against the employer for the payment of material and non-pecuniary compensation. In practice, it is known that employers evade responsibility for work accidents by paying very small amounts with the threat of dismissal. It is beneficial for the employee who encounters such a situation to act in consultation with the Compensation Lawyer.


  1. Case for Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Damages Arising from the Contract


In contractual compensation cases, it is aimed to cover the damage suffered by the counterparty in case of violation of the contract or withdrawal from the contract due to non-fulfillment of the responsibilities contained in the contract.


  1. Case for Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Damages Arising from Tort Such as Defamation and Slander


In compensation cases to be filed due to actions such as insult or slander, the act subject to tort must constitute a crime and the damage suffered must be proven concretely. In this context, the person may demand compensation for the material and non-pecuniary damage suffered due to the tort encountered.


  1. A Case for Financial and Non-pecuniary Damages to be Filed Against the Defective Spouse in the Divorce


It is possible for the spouse who is not at fault in the divorce to make a claim for compensation against the defective spouse. The claim for compensation can be requested together with the divorce case or it can be filed separately within a period of 1 year from the finalization of the divorce. For a claim for financial compensation in a divorce, the existing or expected benefits must have been impaired by the divorce. For non-pecuniary damage, the situations that cause divorce must harm the personality rights and the person requesting compensation must be perfect.


As a result, if the process is followed together with an experienced Istanbul Compensation Case Lawyer, it will be ensured that the  rights granted to the person by the law can be used effectively.  With the support of Istanbul Compensation Lawyer  , the person can use their rights effectively and quickly. We serve as an experienced Istanbul Compensation Law Lawyer operating in Istanbul and represent you in law courts.  As Istanbul Compensation Lawyer, we provide support for the follow-up and management of the process when you encounter an event subject to the right to compensation.  As Istanbul Compensation Litigation Lawyer, if a proxy relationship is established, we provide legal assistance at the application stage related to the file and in case of a lawsuit.  As Istanbul Compensation Law Attorney,  we provide services regarding the civil cases opened against you all over Turkey, especially in Alanya, Ankara with our crowded team of lawyers.


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