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Istanbul Criminal Lawyer


Istanbul criminal lawyer  generally takes part in criminal cases. The criminal case is the name given to a process that starts with the investigation phase under the control of public prosecutors and then continues with the prosecution phase in the Criminal Courts of First Instance or the Heavy Criminal Courts. Istanbul criminal lawyer provides legal services and legal representation to his clients at these stages. After all these incidents, detention, arrest, seizure, testate and judicial control decisions are made. Together with the decisions taken in many different areas such as the prohibition of abroad, and the obligation to sign, it causes to be faced with measures that restrict freedom and life. Therefore, during a criminal case, it would be the most logical step to carry out the case with a İstanbul criminal attorney or a heavy istanbul criminal lawyers.

Istanbul Criminal lawyers are attorneys who

  1. Look after criminal files,
  2. Are involved in the investigation, prosecution, and execution of ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies.

The modern penal code consists of two parts. These are general and special provisions. The special provision in the penal code consists of the prohibited crimes that occur in the face of criminal sanctions through the legislator. In the general provisions opposite to the special provisions, there is a section of common rules to be applied to the crimes occurring in the special provision.

It is known that there are serious structural differences between the provisions known to constitute the special provision of the Criminal Code and the provisions known to constitute the general provision. The special provision consists of in the form of counting the acts that are threatened with punishment for the order in the law part one by one. In detail, it is called the part of regulating which acts are crimes and what their sanctions will be together with the factors. The application area is included in the general provision, which brings rules together with the common principle on behalf of all crimes that occur during this process.

Finally, it would be a correct statement to say that the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) is qualified in addition to the general and special areas of punishment The Criminal Procedure Code is the steps that regulate the provisions that must be implemented, all the procedures and processes to be implemented if a crime is committed in the detailed analyzes made in it.  As a result, when the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code take place as a whole, it also takes place as regulation from the beginning to the end of the criminal process.

After the investigation phase starts, the persons who continue to carry out the appeal processes together with the prosecution and subsequent appeal are called criminal attorneys. A criminal attorney is an attorney who defends the rights of the suspect/defendant or the complainant while being a judge of the penal laws. He/she carries out these necessary processes for individuals and continues to defend their rights.


In Which Fields Does Istanbul Criminal Lawyers Serve?

Istanbul Criminal lawyers deal not only with the cases in their provinces but also with the criminal cases in the Criminal Courts in this field, such as Adana Criminal Courts, İzmir Criminal Courts, and Ankara Criminal Courts, as a team.

In addition to the investigation and prosecution phases that occur during the criminal procedures, there are preparatory procedures for these necessary phases. As Istanbul Criminal Attorney, we stand by our clients in many criminal proceedings, such as taking the necessary statement of the suspect, the victim’s involvement in the complaint, the stages of objection to detention, taking action to file an appeal, and filing an application by following the necessary steps during appeals.

In this context, legal consultancy and advocacy services are provided to those who receive help in the field of criminal law for all types of crimes in the Penal Code, especially:

  1. Intentional killing,
  2. Intentional injury,
  3. Sexual assault,
  4. Sexual abuse of children,
  5. Threat,
  6. Blackmail,
  7. Violation of Residence Immunity,
  8. Depriving one of his/her liberty,
  9. Embezzlement,
  10. Calumny,
  11. Bribery,
  12. Malpractice,
  13. Insult,
  14. Violation of Confidentiality of Communication,
  15. Insult via social media,
  16. Robbery,
  17. Theft

crimes in criminal law and measures are easily provided.


Heavy Criminal Lawyer

When the general work of a heavy criminal attorney is examined, unlike criminal attorneys, they only handle heavy criminal cases. Criminal cases are examined in two different parts, to be heard in the Criminal Court of First Instance and the Heavy Penal Courts. Heavy criminal attorney deals with cases falling under the jurisdiction of the Heavy Penal Court and cannot handle cases in other fields. Simply, the Heavy Penal Courts are determined as the courts that deal with the cases that have a severe crimes in this field. To list one by one, heavy penal courts are in charge of dealing with

  1. Robbery (art.148)

  2. Extortion (art. 250/1 and 2),
  3. Counterfeiting official documents (art. 204/2),
  4. Qualified theft by deception (art. 158),
  5. Bankruptcy by deception (art. 161),
  6. Sexual assault,
  7. Intentional killing,
  8. Reckless killing,
  9. Sexual abuse of children,
  10. Genocide, torture,
  11. Aggravated life imprisonment for crimes such as organized crimes
  12. Life imprisonment and crimes punishable by more than ten years imprisonment included in the Turkish Penal Code, without prejudice to the situations and situations that the laws make separate.


Istanbul Criminal Lawyer's Services


Istanbul criminal lawyer provides legal support to his clients as a suspect and defendant's attorney in criminal proceedings and as a complainant's attorney during the trial process. A  İstanbul criminal lawyer works to ensure the legal rights of the person he represents in criminal proceedings by defending them. Since extremely severe criminal sanctions are foreseen as a result of criminal proceedings, it is vital  for the parties to the proceedings to be represented by the best istanbul  criminal lawyer in order to avoid consequences contrary to their rights and interests.

Our İstanbul law firm, which provides criminal lawyer service in Istanbul with lawyers who are judges of criminal law, evaluates all the characteristics of the concrete incident and carries out the process by determining the healthiest road map.

The criminal law service provided by Istanbul criminal lawyers; In each of the stages of investigation, prosecution, appeal, it performs work on ensuring the right of its clients and achieving the desired result with an effective defense.

Our istanbul  law office, which provides services within the scope of criminal law in Istanbul, is aware that severe sanctions are applied as a result of criminal cases and provides legal consultancy and representation services with sensitivity and dedication.

The Istanbul criminal lawyer ensures that his client is defended effectively and efficiently before the court. In this respect, it tries to avoid legal, financial and time losses and shapes its works in the interests of its client.

In Which Courts Does an Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Work?

Cases arising from criminal law are extremely extensive and diverse, due to the fact that this branch of law is extremely extensive. In this case, it is clear that different courts will be assigned according to the nature of the crime committed and the circumstances of the perpetrator. The courts in which the Istanbul Criminal lawyer works are therefore diverse.


Basically, it performs legal activities in cases that fall within the scope of the duties of these two courts. On the other hand, there are also some special courts where ıstanbul criminal lawyers work. The special courts are the courts that were formed due to the perpetrator and the nature of the crime and are listed as follows:


  • Juvenile courts,
  • Juvenile criminal courts,
  • Intellectual and industrial rights criminal courts.


An Istanbul criminal lawyer defends the rights of his client, who works in all these courts and provides legal services, before the relevant court and the law.


How Long Do Criminal Cases Take?

Criminal cases are concluded at a time that varies according to numerous parameters, such as the number of defendants on trial, the subject of the trial, the type and nature of the crime, the status of evidence and witnesses, the workload of the court and whether legal remedies are being operated.

Istanbul Criminal Lawyer Fees

The Istanbul criminal lawyer makes evaluations according to the volume of the work entrusted to him, the workload, the labor he will spend within the scope of the process and the difficulty of the file.

The Istanbul criminal lawyer applies a remuneration in accordance with the evaluations to be made about the concrete incident and the amount expressed in the minimum wage tariff determined by the bar association. The minimum wage tariff forms the base of the remuneration to be applied by an Istanbul criminal lawyer, and it is not possible to apply pricing under this base.

In this regard, it is often misleading to mention the lawyer's fee without evaluating the concrete event, as it will not be accurate. The person who is a party to the criminal proceedings should communicate with a successful Istanbul criminal lawyer and explain the process in all its details and transparently.


In short, an Istanbul criminal lawyer is a person who protects the rights of individuals within the scope of the Turkish Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code and provides legal services to his clients within the scope of his legal knowledge and experience.  Although Istanbul  criminal lawyers can  provide legal services in every city within the administrative boundaries of our country,  criminal lawyers operating in Istanbul  in general  can be qualified as Istanbul Criminal lawyers.

The most basic function of the Istanbul criminal lawyer is to protect the rights of his client. What is meant by right is to determine and determine who has where, how and how much right very comprehensively. The Istanbul  criminal lawyer is also responsible for protecting this determination and determination in favor of the investigating authority and the prosecuting authority and his client.


If it is necessary to explain the phenomenon called right, it can be said that it is the gains that are accepted as belonging to human beings and that people can demand from the courts as a result of the protection of this acceptance by law.  The Istanbul  criminal lawyer is also a legal scholar who claims these accepted gains in favor of his clients at the right place and time and in the right way.

Duties of the Istanbul  Criminal Lawyer in General

The duties of the Istanbul  criminal lawyer can generally be summarized as the police or gendarmerie stage, the prosecution or investigation stage, the court or prosecution stage, the appeal or appeal stage against the decision and finally the execution stages when the decision is executed. The duty of the Istanbul  Criminal Lawyer, who has different duties in each of these stages, undoubtedly takes place within the legal limits.

The best criminal lawyer in Istanbul  should know how to make the right  move at the right time and finally a good team, a solid experience, sufficient legal knowledge and a good work that is always a must for all these stages.

During the investigation phase, the Istanbul  criminal lawyer not  only explains his client's legal rights and supports him within the legal framework, but also describes the statements that will be of interest to him in the private interview he makes before giving his statement. Within the scope of the evidence collected, he directs in favor of his client and in some cases leaves the final decision to his clients by telling the results by offering options.


Istanbul  Criminal lawyer is relatively free during the prosecution phase and since his time is wider, his legal service is more effective and efficient for his client. If the court opens a hearing, it protects the right of its client by presenting declaration petitions, defense petitions and, if necessary, Supreme Court decisions. The best criminal lawyers in Istanbul  do all the procedures to be done at this stage. The process has now turned into a search for rights for his client and it has been the duty of the best lawyer in Istanbul  to seek and find this right and to express it in the most beautiful and accurate way.

The sciences that concern human beings are the branches of science that offer different solutions in every environment and condition. Sciences such as sociology, economics and anthropology, whose subject is human, offer new solutions specific to each situation. The science of law, the subject of which is entirely human, has a structure that has different solutions according to each event and condition. Therefore,  it is natural for the Istanbul  criminal lawyer to manage a different perspective and a different rights search and defense process for each case.



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