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What is Istanbul Investment Consultancy is  quite curious In today's globalizing modern world, globalization is also observed in capital issues. In addition to the Turkish business world, it is observed that the effects of foreign investment transactions directly reach an intense volume among the capital countries that are observed to continue to globalize, the effects of which are being felt in foreign areas as well.

Today, due to the fact that the steps in the export areas bring both the burden of transportation costs and the fact that there are more suitable and remarkable opportunities of the direct foreign investment route, the foreign investment route is preferred directly in the business world within the scope of the whole world.

In today's developing and developing technology world, it is observed that the acceleration of foreign investment flows is of great importance in terms of achieving a continuous growth momentum in terms of catching up with technological developments. In addition to these, in addition to direct foreign investment issues, it continues to offer the opportunity to create a safety factor with an important step such as risk sharing between the capital owner and the countries importing the capital.

The situations observed by importing the investment directly from the foreign investment route offer significant advantages both for the country and for the real or legal person who makes the investment. It is also known that the advantages in question vary according to the position of the parties.

Foreign Investment Consultancy

Foreign investment consultancy first helps to increase the number of countries that are reaching the point of leveling up in terms of progress in the country's economy. In addition to these, while situations such as the rising mobility of assets that will create prosperity are observed, factors such as the existence of a liberal market mechanism with the globalization of the economy come to the fore.

In spite of these situations, in addition to the benefit to be brought by direct foreign investment, it is also observed that the factors of structural convergence occur in the economies of developed countries that continue to experience some new industrial development thanks to the more effective evaluation of costs by the government.

Reasons for the Increase in Foreign Direct Investment for Companies

Foreign investment  brings with it the need to open up to global markets with the current pressures of the competitive environment from the point of creating inputs from lower cost sources and the acceleration of investments in the face of higher efficiency situations of the regional union.

In addition to these, it is observed that it is very remarkable and significant savings in terms of transportation costs and the practicalization of communication with abroad is effective. In addition, in the face of all situations, globalization and regionalization opportunities can be balanced in a way that will be more effective, as well as the development of new space opportunities in the face of direct foreign investment situations.

Why Foreign Direct Investment?

In the face of developments, foreign investment issues are  observed in countries other than the current head of office as well as the target of spreading outside the country where it is established, in addition to situations such as the current production carried out by companies. In addition, with the establishment of production facilities, it allows it to be among the direct foreign investment channels that are widely seen by purchasing the existing facilities in an alternative way.

In addition to all the situations, extremely important effects are observed in terms of the percentage decline in the rates observed as the current profitability in the developed countries of the globalizing world and the spread of regional trade agreements with the popularization of foreign investment instantly.

In our country, in addition to situations such as high market potential, it is the center of attraction of investments that are observed directly as foreign with its growing economy and wide opportunities. It is useful for foreign-investors  to get advice with a lawyer whose services continue as professional advisors of this subject  .

Case for Cancellation of Share Transfer Transactions

Case for cancellation of share transfer transactions; When the subject of the case is to be examined in general, the contract is not conditioned and the rights and obligations of the parties are regulated. Of course, in addition to these, it is taken into account that the rights are not explicitly reserved when this arrangement is made and that it is decided that a penalty will be paid in case of non-compliance with the provisions of the contract. While a decision should be made according to the results of the evaluations that have occurred, it is foreseen by accepting that the contract in question is conditional with the erroneous assessment on the contrary. In addition, since it is not correct in cases such as the written decision of the original and consolidated cases, the request of the counsel for the defendant to correct the decision is appropriate.

Compensation Case

Compensation case; Persons appearing as plaintiffs' counsel must determine that the defendant company is a brokerage firm operating under the rules established by the Capital Markets Act. In addition, it is the part where the money in his client's account with the defendant company is deposited in the bonds of certain organizations based on his speculations, also known as high risk, by the investment advisors he has delivered along with the trust in the defendant company. On the other hand, it occurs without loss with the purchase of shares as a result of the necessary recommendations together with the incentive comment that exceeds the nature of providing information about the developments in the shares together with the companies traded on the market and the ISE.

The execution of the trading brokerage activities of the defendant, which is an investment institution, is such as to give the best possible result for the client. There may be cases where he is obliged to carry out orders in this way while at the same time arguing that the defendant is acting contrary to both the law and the contracts he has entered into with his client. It is necessary for situations where it is necessary.

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