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Istanbul intellectual property attorneys

Istanbul intellectual property attorneys are experienced in the field of intellectual property law, comply with the legislation and at the same time follow the innovations of the legislation. In this context, they are the persons who regulate the legal elements in the commercial activities of the individuals and also find solutions to legal disputes. Intellectual property attorneys conduct trademark research, protection, and registration. These attorneys serve in matters of relations and disputes arising from property law.

Intellectual property attorneys can handle a wide range of cases. Intellectual property law is also a wide-ranging branch of law. It is definitely a field of law that requires expertise. It is a logical decision for people to get legal support in this area. Attorneys who provide services in intellectual property law such as copyright, utility model, design, and trademark are knowledgeable about all these issues. In intellectual property law, which is a technical branch, people can get beneficial results from this process by working with the best attorneys.


What are Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual property rights protect the ideas, inventions, works, and intellectual rights of individuals. What is meant by the word intellectual in the branch of law in question is the whole of the property. Although this concept seems to be a right that can be asserted on tangible values such as goods, the property subject to intellectual property rights indicates the right to own the idea that the person has.

Due to the reason stated, the subject of intellectual rights is intellectual and artistic works of financial value. It is also possible to examine these rights under two main headings: intellectual and artistic works and industrial property rights. According to the stated situation, it is necessary to take into account the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 in terms of intellectual and artistic works, and the Industrial Property Law No. 6769 in case of disputes regarding industrial rights.


What is the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works?

The law on intellectual and artistic works aims to protect all kinds of intellectual and artistic works, such as science, literature, and cinema works that contain the characteristics of the owner of the work. The owner of the work is specified as the person who created the work. The works in question can have a very wide scope. Some of them are listed as follows;

  1. Work of art
  2. Cinematic works
  3. Embroideries
  4. Reviews
  5. Published works
  6. Intellectual and artistic works

The rights of the author on the intellectual and artistic work created by the author are called copyright. These rights are absolute rights, so copyright can be claimed against anyone who violates them. No registration is required for copyright to arise. As of the creation of the work in question, the rights to the work are deemed to have arisen. In accordance with certain principles, the provisions of the legislation on the protection of the rights related to the work are valid in the country where the violation occurred.


What are the Rights of the Author?

The rights of the author must be strictly protected. In this context, Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works determined the financial and moral rights of the owner of the work. These rights are listed as follows;

  1. Right to Publicise
  2. The Authority to Designate the Name
  3. Right of Distribution
  4. Right of Performance
  5. Right to Communicate a Work to the Public
  6. Prohibition of Modification of Work
  7. Rights of the Author against Persons Who Own or Possess a Work
  8. Right of Adaptation
  9. Right of Reproduction

Work registration is not obligatory for the protection of copyright. However, in order to facilitate proof, the fact that the work has a record in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism also offers an important advantage. Therefore, it is important to apply to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for registration and registration of the work.


Which Lawsuits Are Filed in the Case of Infringement of Intellectual and Artistic Works?

Copyright infringement is among the situations that can be experienced frequently. In case of infringement of the copyright, there are civil and criminal cases. People whose financial and moral rights have been violated can file various lawsuits. These cases are listed as follows;

  1. Action for prevention of the infringement
  2. Action for the prohibition of the infringement
  3. Action for damages


Intellectual Property Legal Consultancy Service

With the intellectual property legal consultancy service, the authors get the opportunity to protect their rights. In this context, if the authors, related right holders, and right holders need a copyright attorney in legal disputes and copyright cases, they can easily overcome this process by getting the necessary support. We continue to work in the best way to provide you with the best attorney and the best legal consultancy service with our expert copyright attorneys.


What are the Duties of an Intellectual Property Attorney?

The duties of intellectual property attorneys are extremely demanding. Intellectual property rights are more commonly known as copyrights. The rights in question protect labor products of economic value. Intellectual property law is divided into two as industrial property rights and copyrights. In this context, in order to talk about copyright, the work must first be revealed. When the works are revealed, copyright is born automatically.

In this case, people do not need to do anything special for copyright to arise. It is possible to say that the published work is under copyright protection from the moment it is presented to the public.

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