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Istanbul Real Estate Attorney

Istanbul real estate attorney organizes the necessary legal procedures for title deeds and real estate transactions. Attorneys are people who have experienced and are trained in the legal process in general. Attorneys perform legal actions to protect the rights of individuals when they represent them. In this context, real estate attorneys also provide the necessary support to their clients in real estate matters. The term used for an attorney who is an expert in the field in question is defined as a real estate attorney.

Real estate attorneys are very important in order to legally carry out the necessary transactions with immovable properties. Real estate attorneys are the people who manage all kinds of real estate transactions around the necessary procedures. For this reason, real estate attorneys have an important place when it comes to real estate law.


What are the Duties of a Real Estate Attorney?

The duties of a real estate attorney may include cases that touch all areas of law. In this context, the real estate attorney legally completes all kinds of attorneyship transactions that may directly or indirectly concern the real estate. The primary duty of a real estate attorney is to protect and defend the rights of his client. In general, their tasks are listed as follows;

  1. Managing the process of establishing all kinds of rights such as usufruct on real estate,
  2. Completing the mortgage establishment and removal of the mortgage,
  3. Defending in cases such as title deed cancellation, land registration case, and correction of land registration,
  4. Carrying out the procedures for the acquisition of property by foreigners in the country and the establishment of land registry records in accordance with the law,
  5. Ensuring that people are registered in the land registry by following cases such as the right of pre-emption and the right of redemption,
  6. Continuing to work in line with the rights of the client in case of expropriation process,
  7. Completing the administrative applications to be made regarding the prohibition of unfair interventions in real estate,
  8. Preparing the purchase and sale contracts of the real estate and ensuring that these transactions take place at the title deed,
  9. Completing the mortgage agreements and registration,
  10. Preparing real estate contracts within the framework of rules of law,
  11. Preparing preliminary contracts for a real estate sale.


What does Real Estate Consultancy Attorney do?

A real estate consultancy attorney is very important for people who want to get support in many legal transactions such as real estate transfers. In general, real estate attorneys are not limited to litigation services only. It is also possible to provide consultancy services to requesting individuals and companies. The consultancy received helps the person or company how to act in the relevant process. At the same time, the attorney helps with many issues such as what the documents need to be prepared, the elements that should be included in these documents, and the follow-up of the statute of limitations. In addition to these, they can also prepare all kinds of contracts without a power of attorney for these transactions.


Istanbul Reliable Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate transactions in Istanbul, the most populated province of Turkey, are among the most sought-after commercial transactions. Considering the stated situations, Istanbul is among the most in-demand provinces in terms of real estate attorneys.

Istanbul real estate lawyers draw attention to the wideness of the sector and the diversity of disputes. For this reason, there are attorneys who are very experienced in real estate and title law. We continue to work in the field of real estate law, as in other areas of law in Istanbul.

In general, real estate attorneys are not limited to providing litigation services only. At the same time, they also provide legal consultancy services if requested. Real estate attorney consultancy can be provided with a face-to-face meeting inside or outside the office. All of these services can be done through the questioning system over the internet.


What is the Real Estate Lawyer's Fee?

The real estate attorney fee is agreed upon with the person requesting consultancy service on a case-by-case basis. There is also a lower limit imposed by the bar association for attorneys. It is not possible to reach an agreement with an amount below the fee determined by the Bar Association. In case of a contrary situation, the bar association provides sanctions for the attorney. For the stated reason, it is possible to reach an agreement in any amount at or above the fee determined by the bar association. In addition to all these situations, the bar association announces a second list of recommendations. Although the list in question is not obligatory, it is usually the fee schedule used by attorneys. The specified lists are published up-to-date, to be determined every year.

The amount requested by the real estate attorney from the person who will request legal assistance may always differ. There can be many factors that will affect the determined fee. At this point, the fees that people have to pay for a real estate attorney also vary according to the legal services they will receive.


How is Power of Attorney in Real Estate Lawsuits?

The issue of power of attorney in real estate cases also creates a question mark in the minds of many people. The subject of real estate law, as we have mentioned before, is a very broad field of law. It includes many different areas. Due to this diversity of real estate law, the power of attorney to be given to the real estate lawyer due to a conflict arising in this area may sometimes be a general power of attorney. However, sometimes it is necessary to obtain a special power of attorney containing special authority.

Both powers of attorney must be notarized. In this area, it is out of the question for real estate law to be handled without a power of attorney to be given to the lawyer in the form of regulation.


Are the Costs in Real Estate Lawsuits?

Costs in real estate cases come in various forms. The most basic expense in the real estate business is the attorney's fee, although it is not mandatory. As in all proceedings, there are fees and other expenses in cases arising from this branch of law. All these are paid to the court cashier.


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