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Istanbul Customs lawyer

Istanbul Customs lawyer is a lawyer who deals with disputes and legal problems arising from the Customs Code and foreign trade relations. Although the basic regulation on this issue is contained in the Customs Code, there are provisions in many different legislation because it is a mixed branch of law. Istanbul Customs lawyers generally provide legal support to clients interested in customs, import and export affairs.

Istanbul Customs lawyer; He should have the ability to judge the customs law and solve the problems that faced clients. It is important that the Istanbul customs lawyer should be able to solve the problem with the applications he/she makes in time and effectively at the application stage and not miss the deadlines.

There are many problems in practice related to disputes related to customs law. Both the complexity of customs legislation and the lack of lawyers who know the legislation in this area make it difficult to resolve disputes. The most important of these disputes are disputes related to customs and smuggling legislation. In addition, these disputes are a type of dispute that also concerns the administrative jurisdiction and requires legal knowledge to resolve. False appeals and lawsuits may cause those concerned to pay high administrative fines or receive freedom-binding penalties.

For the legal resolution of disputes related to customs law, it is also necessary to master the legislation mentioned below. As a customs lawyer in Istanbul, we try to serve our clients within the scope of the following laws:

  • Provisions on the origin and value of the goods,
  • Provisions on the tariff,
  • Provisions on general customs procedures,
  • Provisions on import and export,
  • Economically effective customs regimes,
  • Customs regimes that are not economically effective,
  • All Customs Legislation, especially the provisions on foreign trade,
  • Anti-Trafficking Law,
  • Income Tax Law,
  • Tax Procedure Law,
  • Administrative Trial Procedure Law,
  • Value Added Tax Law,
  • Excise Tax Law,
  • Customs Code,
  • Turkish Criminal Code.

Customs legislation also contains many risks. It includes severe sanctions ranging from confiscation of goods, high administrative fines, confiscation of transport vehicles, freedom-binding penalties, tax penalties to tax evasion. The concept of the return of the guarantee also appears as a serious problem.  Istanbul customs lawyer, who provides services within the scope of customs law, tries to offer the most correct solution to the legal problem encountered.

The Main Disputes Related to Customs Legislation

  • Customs Disputes,

  • Customs Tax Disputes,
  • Internal Processing Regime,
  • Confiscation of Property,
  • Import duties, equivalent taxes and financial burdens,
  • Customs obligation and responsibility,
  • Customs consultancy,
  • Direct and indirect representation,
  • Administrative objection procedure regarding customs duties,
  • Customs tariff statistical position,
  • Preferential tariff application,
  • Compensatory tax,


Many situations are observed when analyzes are made in the field of İstanbul customs attorney. These include the steps of state control of the goods, which are within the scope of customs, of the entry and exit of the goods into the country. With these inspection processes, illegal goods are prevented from leaving the country and entering the country, while tax follow-up occurs. It takes place as a branch of law that provides the solution to problems that may occur at the customs, that is, when the goods enter or leave the country, together with the law included as Customs, Import and Export Law.

Foreign trade generally occurs in Turkey according to customs law regulations. Export and import transactions also occur with the steps of regulation according to Customs, Import, and Export Law.

There may be difficulties in customs matters with those who continue their import and export business. With Customs, Import, and Export Law, in addition to the stages of misinformation, situations such as missing documents and documents can be resolved instantly on a legal basis.

As a law office located in Istanbul, we continue with our team in cases related to customs law, as in other areas of activity. For this reason, our office is referred to as customs smuggling lawyer, customs law lawyer. Again, our activities continue in other regions where customs activities are intensively experienced, especially for our country. Therefore, our office also serves with its expert staff in areas such as customs lawyer istanbul, mersin customs lawyer, customs lawyer izmir, customs lawyer ankara.

What are Customs, Import, and Export Law Services?

Services related to Customs, Import and Export Law

  1. Administrative objection procedures and litigation stages regarding taxes and fines adjusted according to Customs, Import and Export Law, Customs Law No. 4458, VAT Law No. 3065, SCT Law No. 4760, and Tax Procedure Law No. 213.
  2. Stages of a capital increase and decrease
  3. Stages of transactions related to stocks and bonds
  4. Stages of overseas receivables follow-ups
  5. Stages of overseas investment consultancy
  6. Stages of inspection of export collections
  7. Stages of carrying out import transactions
  8. Stages of unfair competition
  9. Stages of company management
  10. Stages of international distributorship agreements
  11. Stages of concession, dealership, agency agreemen
  12. Stages of loan agreements
  13. Stages of consumer protection
  14. Stages of preparation of contracts in the desired language

Problems may arise on various issues between companies that are in the same country or different countries during these processes and have commercial relations. It is observed that changes in trade procedures, rules, and legislation continue to occur with the continuous development of technology at any time and with the developments in themselves. Since the change is continuous, it is always necessary for the Customs, Import, and Export Law attorneys to carefully follow the changes that occur with the updates.


Customs, Import and Export Law Attorney

Customs, Import, and Export Law Attorney is the name given to the people who have the best command of the customs legislation in our country or in other countries where necessary.

Problems that may occur through Customs Attorneys can be prevented before they occur, and in case of problems at these moments, problems can be resolved quickly. For this reason, it is of great importance for the companies that use customs to receive consultancy services from a Customs, Import, and Export Law attorney, even if they do not experience problems. Thanks to the consultancy received, the lawyer warns you before a problem occurs, and it is ensured that behaviors contrary to Customs, Import, and Export Law are avoided. In this way, there are no problems such as paying large fines or returning the goods from customs, while your customs procedures are handled quickly with less expense while profiting in all respects.

When the Customs, Import, and Export Law attorneys will be examined in general, they are the people who can follow the process of a lawsuit, when necessary, as well as provide legal consultancy to many transactions on customs and foreign trade.

In addition to these, a Customs, Import, and Export Law attorney can prepare international commercial contracts and control these necessary contracts that are ready. In addition, he can prepare the necessary documents himself, on the other hand, he can follow the legal actions to be taken regarding the goods in question by being in temporary storage and warehouses. In the meantime, they can take the necessary legal actions regarding the free zone.

Foreign trade transactions should be carried out in accordance with procedures and laws, always paying more attention to the articles of Customs, Import, and Export Law. Whether in national situations or at the international level, in addition to the legal regulations determined, it is monitored that there are contracts concluded on the basis of foreign trade. While such moments have an important place, especially for companies, an overlooked omission or mistake at different moments can cause great costs or penalties to the company.

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