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İstanbul immigration attorney

İstanbul immigration attorney sheds light on the lives of many people with his/her actions. In the last quarter, which is determined by the macro dynamics of economic migration events at international levels, there are companies that continue their activities in a country such as Turkey, which is actually moving from being the country of emigration to the country of receiving immigration. At Kalem Law Office, we continue to work in the field of foreign law through our well-equipped lawyers and foreign clients.

Our legal services continue as a full service in every subject that fulfills the necessary conditions, especially in matters such as

  1. Obtaining work permits
  2. Following the procedures required for residence permits
  3. Regularity of application and follow-up procedures regarding Turkish citizenship
  4. Foreignness

for citizens residing in a foreign country.

When the general services we have offered since the first day we were established in this field are examined, the legal services provided for our clients, who are domestic and foreign, real and legal persons, are included.


What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law is also included as foreign law. It is the legal branch of the laws that a state or country applies to foreigners coming from a different country to a different country. While the law of foreigners is based on the principle of reciprocity, the legal rules to be applied to foreigners in our country may also vary according to the countries where foreigners are citizens.


Who is Called an Immigrant?

Immigrants are people who migrate from one country to another with the aim of settling in another country. Legally, immigrants are among the issues that concern at least two countries. While one of them takes place as a country of abandonment, the other takes place as a newly settled country. While external migration situations occur for the country of departure, internal migration situations occur for the settled country.

If legal assistance is required in cases observed during migration processes, necessary support can be obtained from the branches of law in Istanbul Immigration Law.


Services Provided in the Field of Foreign and Citizenship Law

When the services offered in the field of foreign and citizenship law will be examined in general, all necessary services in this field are available in our office. When all our services in this field will be examined in detail, we provide the necessary services in many areas, without the slightest defect, in cases such as;

  1. Follow-up and finalization steps as well as the process of applying for an extension of residence permits for foreign citizens who want to continue their lives in our country
  2. The processes of making work permit extension applications together with the work permits of foreigners who are subject to the law of foreign direct investment and who are planned to be employed in our country, including foreigners who will employ them in legal entities, and the processes of following up and concluding these applications
  3. Carrying out the citizenship application procedures of foreign citizens who are considering the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship in relation to the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 and their necessary follow-up and finalization processes
  4. Carrying out the necessary application procedures of the persons who want to quit with the decisions of the authorities authorized in Turkish Citizenship, which is within the scope of Turkish Citizenship No. 5901, and the subsequent follow-up processes and the finalization stages.
  5. Providing full consultancy services regarding inheritance law by providing consultancy services within the scope of real property law, especially for foreign citizens to acquire immovable property in our country
  6. Providing legal consultancy services regarding temporary protection, secondary protection, conditional refugee, and refugee status in our country (There is no one-way application in asylum areas in our country, where the geographical limitation conditions of the 1951 Geneva conventions have been accepted in accordance with the legal status of refugees. When these limitations are considered, our country can only accept asylum requests from countries that are members of the Council of Europe. Against their asylum requests, temporary residence permits are given for these people until they settle in the countries where they will be accepted through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.)
  7. Recognition and enforcement processes.


How to Apply for US Immigration?

Citizens who intend to apply for immigration to the United States must obtain a Green Card. The Green Card application is made through the United States official immigration office. While no fee is required to be paid during these application processes, individuals can also apply through the official website. However, people who do not want to face the opposite situation can take the necessary steps to take place as an immigrant to America by getting the necessary consultancy services in this field from us.

As Kalem Law Office, we have been offering our work with our Istanbul immigration attorney branch and our team of experts since the first day we were established. In this way, no one can have the slightest problem and get the best quality services for themselves, and they can carry out their departure

transactions without any problems. We provide services in many areas, from the process of becoming a citizen to immigrants in our country, to obtaining residence permits or to extending them when the deadlines expire.

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